Look, It's Raining

Look, It's Raining


Text: Mathieu Pierloot

Illustrations: Maria Dek


Camille likes to explore her garden, even when it's raining like today. Interestingly, the ants, the spiders, and the snails are all talking about this big show. Her findings will lead her to a huge tree where a phenomenon of great beauty awaits her.




  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-46-7

    Released on October 9th, 2018

    21.5 x 28 cm

    44 pages — Hardcover
    4+ years

  • Reviews

    “Flipping through the pages, we realize how much the world can amaze us if we slow down and take the time to observe it. I love these stories celebrating life in a simple way. The ending doesn’t need frills nor cymbals because it is perfect as it is.”

    Les p'tits mots-dits


    “The rhythm in this book! An invitation to adventure! [...]. A work that shows us how important it is to love discovery, to have a great sense of wonder! A book that reminds us to marvel at what surrounds us!”

    Estelle GB, TPLMoms

  • Éditions étrangères

    France — Éditions Motus 

    Italie — Anima Mundi

    Liban (français) — Librairie Stephan

    USA/Canada — Princeton Architectural Press