Text & illustrations: Julie Morstad


Every day, when you get up, you have to decide ... What to wear today? What to eat to start the day? What activity to do? How to get to where you want to go? Un jour tout neuf is an interactive and entertaining wordbook with a rich vocabulary, a soft, sparkling and abundant universe. Its fine illustrations will encourage children to affirm their tastes, preferences and desires on a daily basis.




  • Cette édition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-60-3
    Parue le 26 novembre 2019
    23 x 31 cm

    52 pages — Couverture rigide
    2 ans et +

  • Reviews

    “In this large book, a mix between a word book and a picture book, Vancouver artist Julie Morstad offers children multiple choices so that they can choose the scenario of the day. It perfectly shows that life is full of possibilities.”

    Marie Allard, La Presse


    “Great for activating little ones' imagination. They will see there that each day can take a thousand and one shapes, a thousand and one colors depending on the decisions we make, and above all, according to the tastes we express. [...] Today is a great tool to develop children's visual literacy, to sharpen their sense of attention and to have fun [...].”

    Josée-Anne Paradis, Les libraires


    “This word book written and illustrated by Julie Morstad is one of a kind. [...] It is different from other word books as it can be told like an story. The reading will involve children's participation [...]. Rich discussions between allophone students and children with learning difficulties cou;d take place around this book.”

    Anne-Sophie Charland, J'enseigne avec la littérature jeunesse


    “Magnificent illustrations [...] with an old-fashioned charm.”

    Catherine Trudeau, Plus on est de fous, plus on lit (Radio-Canada)

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    First published in English — Simply Read Books