Text: Céline Claire

Illustrations: Magali Le Huche


Mr. Martin enjoys tranquility. He likes to drink his coffee in silence, read his newspaper quietly, and take a nap in peace. Yes, Mr. Martin loves silence more than anything else. His neighbours know this, but they easily forget. So much so that the noise they make hurts Mr. Martin's ears. One day, he decides to take matters into his own hands...




  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-27-6

    Released on August 6th, 2018

    21.5 x 28.5 cm

    56 pages — Hardcover
    4+ years

  • Reviews

    “With Quiet!, Céline Claire offers us a radiant picture book with the power to unveil the impression of well-being that keeps us mutually isolated and alone. A whole world is teeming with life in this book. It’s an ode to humans who enjoy themselves, live, and are a part of ‘the small melody of life.”

    Marie Fradette, sophielit.ca


    “With its wonderfully nuanced illustrations, Quiet! is a book of outstanding quality.”

    Réjean Blais, Radio-Canada


    “The book’s detailed illustrations will satisfy readers as much as Mr. Martin’s grouchiness!”

    Les libraires Magazine

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    Argentine (espagnol et catalan) —  Adriana Hidalgo Editora

    Brésil — Edições SM

    Chine (complexe) — Chang-Tang

    Chinois (simplifié) — Beijing Diao Yuan Culture Communication 

    Corée — Woongjin ThinkBig

    France — Éditions Saltimbanque

    Grèce — Philip Psihalos & Co Publishing

    Italie — Edizioni Clichy

    Pologne — Polarny Lis

    Taiwan — Chang -Tang

    Turquie — Acar

    USA/Canada — Milky Way Picture Book