Pokko and the Drum

Pokko and the Drum


Text & illustrations: Matthew Forsythe


The biggest mistake Pokko’s parents ever made was giving her the drum. When Pokko takes the drum deep into the forest it is so quiet, so very quiet that Pokko decides to play. And before she knows it she is joined by a band of animals —first the raccoon, then the rabbit, then the wolf—and soon the entire forest is following her. Will Pokko hear her father’s voice when he calls her home? Pokko and the Drum is a story about art, persistence, and a family of frogs living in a mushroom.




  • Cette édition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-73-3
    Parue le 3 février 2020
    21x 28 cm

    64 pages — Couverture rigide
    4 ans et +

  • Reviews

    “Vividly, Matthew Forsythe praises perseverance in a vibrant story of sincerity. "

    Marie Fradette, Le Devoir


    “A magnificent picture book where shimmering colors rub shoulders with an original story, with multiple levels of reading. Everything is signed by a talented Montrealer [...]. "

    Magazine Booksellers


    « The text is finely-crafted. The shimmering illustrations create a fast-paced narrative, by alternating with big close-up, that emphases the characters’ emotions, and farther and abundant perspectives. A storybook full of humour and a delight to read aloud. »

    Chloé Séguret, blog Children's literature


    « Matthew Forsythe’s graphic talent is undeniable. He knows how to magically unite writing and drawing to tell a story. »


    Marie Barguirdjian, Artstramgram blog


  • Foreign editions

    First published in English — Simon & Schuster