Full Moon

Full Moon


Text & illustrations: Camilla Pintonato


It’s the night of the full moon. Little grey bunnies are busying themselves in the twilight. Racoons, foxes, partridges and mice, come quick over here! The moment has arrived. The sky is glittering with dozens of lanterns. It’s brilliant, beautiful and bright. And right there, in front of our eyes, the moon shines in a thousand lights!




  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-56-6

    Released on April 2nd, 2019

    24.7 x 26.9 cm

    48 pages — Hardcover
    3+ years

  • Reviews

    "Who doesn’t like to imagine the secret nocturnal celebrations of forest creatures? [...] Invitations are delivered to the birds, mice, foxes—all are welcome. When everyone is assembled and the moon rises, the small, blue-and-white lanterns float upward from holes in the earth; birds break into song. Friendly faces, luscious forest backdrops, and dazzling points of light dancing around a glowing moon cast a magical aura over the moment. As a new day dawns, readers are summoned to the next party.An enchanting romp sure to inspire reenactments with lucky stuffed or real animals."

    Kirkus Reviews

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    Anglais (monde) — Princeton Architectural Press

    Corée — Borim Press

    Français monde (à l'exception de l'Amérique du Nord) — Seuil jeunesse