Peter, the Standing Cat

Peter, the Standing Cat


Text: Nadine Robert

Illustrations: Jean Jullien


One morning, Phil finds a box on his doorstep. He is intrigued and rips it open. A black and white cat pops out and stands up on its hind legs. Phil is surprised, but no matter: he has always wanted a cat! Both clumsy and talented, his new friend has plenty of surprises in store for him: Peter the standing cat is no ordinary cat…



  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-32-0

    Released on September 18th, 2017

    18.8 x 24 cm

    56 pages — Hardcover
    3+ years

  • Reviews

    “This comical story upends reader expectations and is perfect for group sharing. Its one-dimensional, thick-lined illustrations are positioned on simple backgrounds, often a solid color, which allows young readers to stay focused on Bruno’s antics. A sweet concluding scene draws this entertaining story about individuality and friendship to a close.”

    Julia Smith, The Booklist Reader


    Peter, the standing cat is as funny as charming and it is also fun to read… Plus, the book can be used to show the richness of difference and the importance of adopting various points of view when we face the norm.”

    Isabelle Jameson, Campagne pour la lecture


    “Nadine Robert offers us a sensitive take on the strong relation that a child can have with an animal, showing that it can become the best companion to spend time.”

    Marie Fradette, Le Devoir


    “This great story about friendship will provide crazy, sweet reading pleasures to the ones who will read it or even tell it.”

    Marie-Hélène Vaugeois, Librairie Vaugeois (Québec)

  • Éditions étrangères

    Allemagne — Mairisch Verlag

    Chine — Post Wave

    États-Unis — Random House Children

    Espagne — Ediciones del Pirata

    France — Little Urban

    Italie — Edizioni Lapis

    Slovénie — Narava

    Suède — Rabén & Sjögren