Poppy and Sam: Mission Hibernate

Poppy and Sam: Mission Hibernate


Text & illustrations: Cathon


With the help of her friend Sam, Poppy goes in search for solutions. She needs to find a way out to fall asleep as she is struggling to rest. It's time to hurry up: winter is around the corner and she should take shelter and hibernate, as many animals and insects are all doing around her! The two acolytes visit their companions looking for some advice. They try to find out what others are doing during the winter, to discover their tricks to get asleep. What do the wild bees, the frog, the ants and the mice do? This is what our two investigators will learn here.




  • Cette édition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-64-1
    Parue le 1er juin 2020
    19 x 24 cm

    48 pages — Couverture rigide
    4 ans +

  • Reviews

    " An adorable comic book for young readers. The dry-wit dialogues are particularly funny!"
    Selection Committee, Prix des libraires du Québec


    "Poppy & Sam’s new adventure shows us how animals and insect hibernate. Once again, Cathon charms us with this adorable and fun story."

    Amélie Lacroix Maccabée, "12 books for August 12th", Boucle Magazine


    "Again, a joyful and whimsical story by Cathon. I urge you to dive into nature with Poppy & Sam! "
    Delphine Coppé, Gallimard Jeunesse, What to read this summer?

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    Corée du Sud — Borim Press

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    Portugal —  2020 Editora

    USA/Canada — Owlkids Books