Billie Bunny's Misfortune

Billie Bunny's Misfortune


Text & illustrations: Cathon


Billie Bunny is walking in the forest while it rains. What does she see?

A bear being chased by bees! She quickly runs to his rescue! But why is the bear looking at her with big round eyes? Billie Bunny only wants to help, but she seems to misinterpret the needs of others today.



  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-15-3

    Released on April 13th, 2015

    17 x 24 cm

    48 pages — Hardcover
    3+ years

  • Reviews

    “For this illustrated book, Cathon creates a lovable character, funny misunderstandings, surprising twists, and a simple clever finale.”

    Mireille Messier, Campagne pour la lecture


    “Unfolding through a visually rich and artful universe, this delighful book will put a smile on all the world’s blunderers.”

    Marie-Soleil Cool-Cotte, Lili les merveilles


    “The real strength of this book lies in Cathon’s beautiful illustrations. The drawings are bright and colorful, the characters are highly expressive, and the result is extremely appealing.”

    Pierre-Alexandre Bonin, Librairie Monet (Montréal)

  • Éditions étrangères

    Chine (simplifié) — Duku Cultural Exchange

    Corée — Montessori Korea Co.

    France — Gallimard Jeunesse

    Russie — Nigma Publishing House