Animals that Might Exist, by Professor O'Logh

Animals that Might Exist, by Professor O'Logh


Text: Stéphane Nicolet

Illustrations: Jean-Baptiste Drouot


Professor O'Logh has traveled the world in search of astonishing animals and bugs to classify. Going from one discovery to another, he has consigned all his drawings and writings in a naturalist’s notebook that was lost for years. But it has just been found and is now within our reach because it has been published as a rare and limited edition, something like a special encyclopedia. The creatures it is filled of may seem improbable or completely made up, and yet the professor has examined them with the greatest care…




  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-53-5

    Published on: 2020-06-10

    21 x 26.7 cm

    84 pages - Hardcover
    7 years +

  • Reviews

    "What an enchanting book! This bestiary-like book showcases eccentric and friendly creatures […] I was laughing so hard that my colleagues started to read aloud extracts in the bookstore!"
    Sabrina Côté, Bouquinistes Bookstore (Chicoutimi)


    "This documentary is simultaneously a useful working tool, a joke book, an educational activity and a gift in itself. A must for any use! "

    Sophie, Livre à cœur blog


    "Readers of all ages will fall for this out of the ordinary book that allows us to escape into the author’s imagination, while raising very serious scientific hypotheses… or not in any way scientific, it’s either!"

    Anne-Marie Lobbe, Le journal de Montréal

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