The Well

The Well


Text: Nadine Robert

Illustrations: Brigitte Henry

Characters: Christopher Duquet


Every morning, Black Bear walks past an old well. One day, he decides to look inside. He places a big rock in a bucket and lowers it into the well. When Black Bear brings up the bucket, he finds ... apples. And the next day, flowers! What will he find in the following days? A surprising story with a lovely ending.




  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-51-1

    Released on August 6th, 2018

    19 x 25 cm

    34 pages — Boardbook
    2+ years

  • Reviews

    “Both coherent and ambitious, the book is a success in all respects. A unique treasure that you will enjoy sharing with the whole family.”

    Aurore Lehmann, Marelle Mag


    “This is no ordinary book. Two centimeters thick, more than twenty hardback pages. […] It’s more than a book, it’s an impressive and beautiful object!”

    Marie Florence Ehret

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