The Only Child

The Only Child


Text & illustrations: Guo Jing


Time can slow to a crawl when you are alone… A little girl decides to visit her grandmother as she waits for her parents to come home. Lost in the middle of nowhere, she comes across a deer and follows it to unknown places, until it is time to go home. And all it takes is a little looking to find the way.

This book without words captures a dreamy, enchanted journey.



  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-33-7

    Released on August 29th, 2016

    18.8 x 24 cm

    108 pages — Hardcover
    5+ years

  • Reviews

    “Inspired by her own childhood, which she spent in China, the author suggests the feeling of loneliness that she experienced while she was a kid, due to this country’s one-child policy. Here’s a wordless picture book with a remarkable story and rich, noteworthy illustrations.”

    Marie Fradette, Le Devoir


    “This whimsical story is made of images only, and the absence of text gives us the impression of seeing one of these masterpieces of silent film.”

    Harold Gilbert, Les libraires Magazine


    “This book is an ode to the imagination and to the gentle and enveloping friendships one can experience. It is always moving and evolving thanks to various changes of perspective.”

    Sophie Gagnon-Roberge, Les libraires Magazine

  • Foreign editions

    Fisrt published in English — Schwartz & Wade