The Broccoli Tree

The Broccoli Tree


Text & illustrations: Ohara Hale


Nobody dares to go near the broccoli tree: it smells much too bad! Craving for mushrooms growing at the tree’s base, Pepito and Didlidou will nevertheless get closer to it and eventually get acquainted with the strange plant. How could they convince their friends to come and see for themselves how pretty it is up there?



  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-02-3

    Released on May 15th, 2014

    14.6 x 19.2 cm

    40 pages — Hardcover
    2+ years

  • Reviews

    “A charming little tale highlighting important child-related themes such as friendship, tolerance, and welcoming differences. Plus, the illustrations are just lovely!”

    Anne-Marie Lobbe, Le Journal de Montréal


    “The illustrations made me laugh uncontrollably.”

    Eliane Berdat, Les p'tits mots-dits


    “A book on differences, with punchy colors and a surreal universe where broccoli have eyes.”

    Vicky Laplante Bott, Les petites manies

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