Text: Céline Claire

Illustrations: Qin Leng


A storm is brewing. Quick, batten down the hatches and take cover! Through the fog, two shadows are spotted advancing in the distance, through the howling wind. Everyone watches through their dormer windows and worries. Who are the strangers seeking shelter? No one dares help them, except perhaps Little Fox.



  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-34-4

    Released on January 1st, 2017

    21 x 27.5 cm

    48 pages — Hardcover
    4+ years

  • Reviews

    “The beauty of illustrator Qin Leng’s work is that it vibrates and quivers with the same intensity for each character, both for the marginalized and the privileged.”

    Marine Landrot, Télérama


    “Without moralizing, this beautifully elegant book shows us that while it may be others who need help today, it could be us tomorrow.”

    Sens critique


    Shelter strikes in all the right places, with elegance and a great deal of hope. The brief dialogue shows the coldness of the inhabitants and alternates with an equally sparse narration that conveys only the essential.”

    Marie Fradette, Le Devoir


    “The text goes straight to the heart. As for the soft, water-colored illustrations by Qin Leng, they highlight the absurdity of fearing

    strangers when you have so much to offer. An unmissable picture book that teaches children (and reminds adults) that fear is always a bad counselor and that one needs to open his heart to the others, especially during hard times.”

    Pierre-Alexandre Bonin, Campagne pour la lecture

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    Espagne — Tramuntana Editorial

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    Italie — La Margherita Edizioni

    Portugal — Baduga

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