The Shadow Elephant

The Shadow Elephant


Text: Nadine Robert

Illustrations: Valerio Vidali


According to the animals that live in the savannah, the elephant is in great need for help: he is moody, he seems sad and he prefers to stand in the dark, to hide his sorrow. One after another, the animals try to entertain him, to make him laugh, to cheer him up, but nothing seems to work. Suddenly, a mouse crosses the elephant's path. He turns to her sympathetic ear and a real encounter takes place. Would listening and empathy be the keys to comfort? Would they have the power to free the heart from the weight of tears, sadness or melancholy?




  • This edition

    ISBN 978-2-924332-63-4

    Released on October 22nd, 2019

    29.5 x 24.5 cm
    40 pages — Hardcover
    4+ years

  • Reviews

    The Shadow Elephant [...] was selected for an exhibition of ‘100 Outstanding Picture Books’ at the Frankfurt Book Fair - the largest event of its kind in the world.’’

    Marie Allard, La Presse


    “Nadine Robert approaches the theme of this picture book from an original angle, with intelligence and sensitivity. The story is rhythmic […]. The large Italian-style format of the book highlights the richness of the clean digital illustrations with dominant blue and chiaroscuro contrasts.”

    “M’as-tu vu? M’as-tu lu? ”, Lurelu


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