Comme des géants publishing house was created in 2014. Since the very beginning, Nadine Robert, president, publisher and children’s picture books enthusiast, has at heart to create high-quality books and an astonishing catalog for curious readers interested
in literature, illustrations ... and beautiful stories!


For the last 5 years, the editorial line of Comme des géants has focused exclusively on producing children's picture books, mainly dedicated to children from 0 to 12 years old. Book lovers of all ages read and re-read the 36 titles included in the publishing house’s catalog with great fun and amazement! Comme des géants also has the mission to shine a light on the creative talent of a myriad of local and international authors and illustrators.


In 2017, Comme des géants was a finalist for the prestigious BOP Award for Children’s Publisher of the Year in North America. The picture books published by Comme des géants are also translated into 24 languages! Given their high literary and graphic qualities, several titles have received numerous awards and distinctions. In fact,
Marianne Dubuc's picture book L’autobus (The Bus Ride) has been awarded the TD Prize for Children's Literature. Also, Guo Jing won the New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books of the Year award for her picturebook L’enfant
seule (The Only Child).


In addition to being a publisher and a translator, the publishing house’s president
Nadine Robert is also an author. Her picture book Au-delà de la forêt (Beyond the Forest), illustrated by Gérard DuBois, won the Harry Black Award, presented to the most distinguished Canadian and French-language picture book for young readers aged 3 to 8.

After 5 years of making its readers travel into worlds rich in adventures and emotions, Comme des géants pursues its bookish adventure with as much enthusiasm and creativity as ever!

Nicholas Aumais, children's book reviewer